Enjoy "Theater" ~ Theatre Creation ~

19 Oct 2018

Image of Enjoy "Theater" ~ Theatre Creation ~

Theater is a "place" where you go to watch live entertainment, but why don't you enjoy "theater" as well when you have made such an effort to get there? This time we introduce how to enjoy Theatre Creation in Hibiya from two perspectives; "gourmet" and "art".

Actually Theatre Creation is a treasure trove of gourmet foods that satisfy slight hanger. As well as foods such as egg sandwiches of Amanoya, which is known as grumet food catered for celebrities, and rice ball bento of Ginza Jukkoku, there are plenty of sweets such as fresh cream bread, which is ordered from Shimizuya in Okayama Prefecture, and Top's-only waffle, etc. You can also enjoy drinks planned for each performance.

You can enjoy several artworks at Theatre Creation. First of all, memorable lines of a Greek tragedy are engraved on the wall of the entrance on the 1st floor. They are engraved in Greek, but there is a signboard with Japanese translation you can refer to. We would be happy if you could feel a breath of drama which has continued beyond countries and the times since ancient times.
On the first floor there is a bronze statue of Kazuo Kikuta made by Kaikichi Yamashita. The statue was inherited from former Geijutuza theater.
Please pay attention to the carpet at the foyer in the B2 floor. It is an artwork titled "musical instrument" in which piano, guitar, harp, etc. are designed in a modern style. The artist is Hirono Munakata. She is a grandchild of Shikō Munakata, a woodblock print artist. Please look at the thick curtain in the theater. The title of the curtain is "in the forest" whose original painting was drawn by Tomoya Tsukamoto. When the theatre opened, he was an up-and-coming artist who just graduated the Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts. It is a simple and warm work in which he draw light and shadow in the forest. On the landing of stairs leading to the 1st floor from the B2 floor, you can see the works of Aki Yamamoto who skillfully manages colors. He was inspired by Shakespeare's works to represent human "emotions" in each paintings.

We hope everyone will enjoy gourmet foods and artworks too when visiting Theatre Creation. We look forward to seeing you.

Nahoko Yamazaki (Development, Theatrical Department of Toho Co. and the first manager of THEATRE CREAION)