Visit Kabukiza Gallery! Enjoy Kabuki World at “Kabuki ni Touch”!

Image of Visit Kabukiza Gallery! Enjoy Kabuki World at “Kabuki ni Touch”!

Kabukiza Gallery is hands-on exhibition facility where opened with the new opening of Kabukiza Theater in April 2013. With the keyword "Learn, See, Touch, and Try it.", you can feel the Kabuki world which boasts a history of more than 400 years with contents that you will enjoy Kabuki. This is recommendable for you who are interested in kabuki but want to know what it is. It is very popular not only with Japanese but also foreigners, so you can see and experience exhibits with English audio earphone guides.

The stage settiing, props, costumes, musical instruments
In Kabukiza Gallery, you can see the stage setting, props, costumes and musical instruments used on the actual stage of Kabukiza Theater. At the area of showing boats and palanquins, you can ride them and enjoy the feeling like traveling on the stage. Scene painting in this corner was specially drawn by a crew of painters. There are also some unusual props such as horses, wild boars, butterflies and frogs, representative animals appearing in Kabuki. You can ride on the horse. Many musical instruments used by Kabuki's sound effect are displayed, and you can actually hit drums. Of course, you can take pictures of them.

Heisei Kabuki 30th anniversary fair
"Heisei" has less than one year before changing the era name in May 1st, 2019. The history of 30 years since 1989 has been a major turning point for Kabuki. Now, Kabukiza Gallery separates the history of Heisei Kabuki into every 10 years, dividing one year into three periods and dig into them. This is a special feature of Kabuki which was produced in this era. The gorgeous costumes, large stage set, and so on will appear and dazzle the visitors. There is also a small stage and a runway, so you can feel like a Kabuki actor. You can take pictures here too.

Let's enjoy Kabuki.
Kabuki performs twice a day, daytime and evening. At Kabuki theater, there are “hitomakumi(one-act)” seats where you can see just one act at an affordable price. After visiting the Kabukiza Gallery, let's enjoy Kabuki at Kabukiza Theater.