Going to a gallery expand your world!

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Events of Ginza Galleries sponsored by "evening of the gallery". How about visiting art galleries in an opportunity like this?

"Can we enter a gallery without an intention to buy works?"
Before, I was asked the question from a participant of the tour over galleries. Of course, I answered, and many people might think so. This time, let's explains the reason for which we can enter the gallery.

While works displayed in a museum can't be bought in principle (not for sale), the works that are exhibited in the gallery are almost for sale. I wonder if they think they will be bad without buying anything and leave the gallery because they know it is a place for business? If you are interested in art, I think that it will be very wasteful to go museums only. Because it is a place where we can see the works of living artists for the first time, from young artists who are expected to play an active role in the future to famous artists. Galleries that deal with the dead (already died) artists, display is fine, unknown, or rare works, and even sometimes works which are appropriate to be exhibited in a museum.

Consider here. Galleries display rotating exhibit or permanent collections to sell the works as their business, but art is not sold as frequently as miscellaneous goods or clothes. Staff should not expect all customers are purchasers. As thinking so, and they think work lineup, exhibit over decent time, and that if nobody look nobody buy, art galleries will welcome you basically. For artists, it would be happy their works are seen by many people.

So, you can visit galleries just for looking. However, please imagine if the work is at home, when you find a work which is curious. By thinking so, the appearance of the works changes.
Next time, I'll tell you the manners at the gallery and appreciation of artwork .
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