Art collection is actually easy.

Image of Art collection is actually easy.

Although you may feel that art collection has nothing to do with you, but in fact, it is not very difficult. This is because that the collection means to collect things which you like, and everyone starts that from scratch. So, it doesn't matter. whether the price is high or low.
It's a good idea to live a life surrounded by your favorite works just like that you live while listening to your favorite music. If you feel that you would be happy if you can look at something all day long every day, then it's a sign that you want to own it. When you know the intention of the artist (creator), you get attached to the work, you will notice what you have never noticed before by looking at it on a daily basis and you can expand your view toward the work.

In the old days, a certain hotel owner said:
"When you place some art, the atmosphere changes."

The art also affects the 'place' in addition to the 'person' there.

There are several types of art. There are friendly themes, conceptual things, and also social message expressions. Since owning something means that you will live together with it for a long time, you have to choose it very carefully. It would be a good idea for you to narrow down the candidates from the point of view whether you like something exciting or whether you like something relaxing. However, the most important thing for you is whether you really like it or not.

The world also will expand by purchasing a work. If the author of the work is alive, you can interact with him or her. In the case, especially, that the author is still young, you will be looking forward to the author's future growth. If the author is already dead, it is an advantage that the evaluation is always stable. When you know the author's biographical background and other works, you can see the position of the work which you purchased, and you would get interested in art history. In a sense, it is a short cut to satisfy your desire to understand art. If the work you purchased gets valued highly in the future, it means that you had an excellent appreciation for it. So, you will also be highly motivated.
The place where you can purchase works is the gallery. Please visit the gallery while imagining what "if you own it" to have an excellent experience to meet wonderful works.

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