How to face works and manners at a gallery

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When you go to a gallery, there are manners that you have to know. First thing is what you wear. Of course, you can wear whatever you like, but many of the gallery staff are dressed appropriately, so if you go in T - shirts and jeans, you may stand out there. If you match in the gallery, you will notice less gaze, and you can concentrate on appreciating works. Also, artists in the gallery may be in casual clothes, and art galleries of modern art tend to be casual in clothes compared to Japanese-style paintings and Western-style galleries.
You need to be careful not to touch works with your backpacks or bags. Especially in small galleries, please be careful. It would be better to look around works without much to hold with you by leaving a big luggage with reception desk.
The purpose of visiting a gallery is to appreciate works. When you venture to go into a gallery, what did you think of the work at first? First impressions are important.
"Great!" "I don't understand what it meant." "Why such a piece was created?" "Not so bad, I like it." "I would like to meet the artist who make it."
In a solo exhibition case, there are many works by the same artist, so you may notice commonality and change of the subject matter. In the case of group exhibitions, it is possible to see works of several artists and you may discover your own tastes and empathy creators.
The next concern would be the price. Since prices are always set except ones not for sale, if it is not noted on the caption, you can ask the staff. The price list of the works is installed and posted in some galleries, so do not forget to look around. If you can get to know the price, please think about the difference between the price you expect and whether you want to get it even if you pay for that amount, then your attitude to appreciate works will change. It is also advisable to ask frankly the reason of the price. Since there is art market price, the staff who knows well will answer for you.
If you are looking at the work worrying about the situation to be spoken by the staff and confuse "What should I answer?”, you can not only tell your opinions but ask questions or prices, on the contrary. If you can solve your questions, you will be clear and also learn more. The gallery is a place where art specialists are available, so people who want to learn and study are welcome. Of course, we expect you to be a person who wants to purchase some in the future, but it's a next stage.
We show manners of appreciation at a gallery in illustrations. Please enjoy your gallery tour with these for reference. Next time we will tell you about the pleasure of the collection.
(Enjoy Gallery Trivia vol.3/Ginza Galleries Office)