Tokyo Art & Live City's collaboration project for this fall

Image of Tokyo Art & Live City's collaboration project for this fall

Tokyo Art & Live City has been promoting cooperation with diverse such as theaters, galleries, movies, and museums, which stand mainly in Hibiya, Ginza and Tsukiji. So far, trying to make theater-going closer to us, we have planned and produced "Hibiya Festival" from 27 (Fri) April to 8 (Tue) May at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, Shinbashi Karyukai's “Azuma Odori" and taste of Japanese restaurants, and "Ginza Art Night"- touring art galleries and bars on 25 May. We have suggested a new entertainment as you could enjoy the art and the lives with gourmet food and shopping.

And this fall, at last, we will work on the first hole collaboration project by the Executive Committee.
It will become a place showing Japan's unique art accumulation to the world by side-by-side cooperation and exchange based on the art within the area. By expanding each devotee scattered on an individual base to various choices as an aspect, and creating an opportunity to easily enjoy various art & live for those who have never seen before, we will inform people that this town's art is an important tourism resource.

The first round of collaborative project is a work created by Oji Hall known for the high-level classical music, and Kanze Noh Theater which is based in Ginza since the Edo period. Tokyo Art & Live City will create a new value and history of the area through collaborative planning. Please look forward to its opening.

Besides this, we will hold various events such as Japanese Classical dance experience for foreigners (From 24 October to 28 October at Ginza, Onoe school training place) and an Afternoon Galleries combined a gallery tour with a music live ( 3 November) and so on. Please see details on the website.

"The romance of French and Japanese palace" expressed by Noh and baroque music: Is that sophisticated and gracefulness, or jealous pathos!?

(Date and Time) Opening at 15:00 on 1st November (Thu)(end at 17: 20.)
(Venue) Kanze Noh Theater (On the third basement GINZASIX 1-10-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku)

It is written by Noh representing Japan and Baroque music. Even if time and country are different, a must-have-been graceful romance turns to be bogged down.
Tickets are available on 1st September (Sat).
Tickes Today Tel: +81-3-6228-1062