Special Event: Tour to enjoy "Azuma Odori by Shimbashi Geisha" and "GINZA ART NIGHT" -Enjoy cool and modern Japan

Image of Special Event: Tour to enjoy "Azuma Odori by Shimbashi Geisha" and "GINZA ART NIGHT" -Enjoy cool and modern Japan

Opening special event sent from Tokyo Art & Live City. We will offer you a one day tour as a special event. You will enjoy a set of events: "Azuma Odori", the annual festival of Shimbashi geisha world, adding color to early summer in Ginza and the taste of Japanese culture, and "GINZA ART NIGHT" to visit art galleries.

Starting from having Shokado-bento lunch at the Shinbashi Enbujo theater, you will appreciate "Azuma Odori" by elegant and charming Shimbashi geisha, then enjoy a guided night tour to visit art galleries in Ginza. You can enjoy flute concert at the gallery. Please enjoy one day filled with Japanese tradition, modern times, beauty, wisdom, food, and amusement.
This project is a foreigners first special event.

Updated at Tue 22 May, 19:00
Opening: Fri 25 May, 15:50
1) Watching "Azuma Odori" performed by Shimbashi geisha
2) "GINZA ART NIGHT" tour + flute performance by Ai Takeyama (Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra Principal Flute Player)
Admission Fee: 7,500 yen
For Tickets: Tickets Today / Confetti.

Meeting time: Friday, May 25 14:20 Shinbashi Enbujo theater
"Pottery box to present the taste of pride Shokado-bento" prepared by a fancy Japanese-style restaurant
Watching "Azuma Odori" performed by Shimbashi geisha
* "GINZA ART NIGHT" tour + flute performance by Ai Takeyama (Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra Principal Flute Player)
Admission fee: 13, 500 yen: For tickets, contact Tickets Today / Confetti.

A program to enjoy "Azuma Odori" (From May 24 to May 27) is also available.

Only for four days once a year - Shimbashi geisha Sound of Shamisen and excellent traditional dance, and ryo-tei taste of the fancy Japanese restaurant.
Azuma Odori have fun and enjoy the fancy Japanese restaurant.
Three things to enjoy;
1. Stage Performance Enjoy dance performance by geisha at Shinbashi Enbujo theater (the dance performance is usually available only at a Japanese style room).
2. Meal Sajikizen (meal enjoyed in the box seats) prepared by Ryotei(fancy Japanese restaurant). in Shimbashi, Shokado bento, and sushi (additional charge)
3. Intermission Japanese-style lobby Preparation of powdered tea, sake served at Japanese restaurants, Japanese sake and goods will be available (additional charge)

Date: Thursday, May 24 to Sunday, May 27, 2018
1) Two stage performances on 24 th and 25th
Afternoon performance Doors open at 12:30/Performance 13:00 ~ 14:30
Evening performance Doors open at 15:20/Performance 15:50 ~ 17:20
2) Three stage performances on 26th and 27th.
First performance: Doors open at 11:00/Performance 11:30 ~ 13:00
Second performance: Doors open at 13:10/Performance 13:40 to 15:10
Third performance: Doors open at 15:20/Performance 15:50 ~ 17:20 (no seats available for the third performance on 27th.)
Venue: Shinbashi Enbujo 6-18-2, Ginza, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 104 -0061

Admission Fee: 7,500 yen
For Tickets: Tickets Today / Confetti.
Organized by: Tokyo Shinbashi Kumiai For more information,
Website http://www.azuma-odri.net

Pottery box presenting the taste of pride Shokado bento (image)

A program to enjoy " GINZA ART NIGHT 2018" (May 25) is also available.

The feature of "GINZA ART NIGHT" is that each gallery presents special exhibition which is worth seeing. Please enjoy visiting galleries and meeting exciting art. We are looking forward to seeing you. "Lantern" made by Washi craftsmen in Gifu indicates the participating galleries.

Tour of galleries/Music performance is included.

For those who don't know the locations of the galleries or who hesitate to go to the galleries by themselves, we will conduct a tour of galleries by theme. Tokyo Art & Live City Special Event
Date Friday, May 25, 17:00~ / 19:00 ~ (the contents are the same both times.)
Required Time About 90 minutes.
Number of participants 5courses 8 people for each course * Advanced registration required (first come, first served basis) Application will be filed from April 1.
Participation fee : Free

A: Enjoy one-person exhibition across genres (Seizan Gallery / Shiseido Gallery / Shunsei Gallery / Ginza-
Yanagi Gallery)
B: Enjoy art on unique themes (Galerie Tamenaga / Shūkado/ Ginza art / Tokyo Gallery + BTAP)
C: Appreciate work with rich inspiration by deceased artists (Hyogen / Moji Fine Art Gallery / Hanada-
art, Ginza / Ginza Kuroda Touen / Shihodo Gallery ,Ginza)
D: Enjoy! World of contemporary artists! (Artglorieux / Gallery Murakoshi / Galleria Col / Manyoudo-
Miyuki Gallery Hirota Fine Art)
E: Art shower of works by many artist (Ishikawa Gallery / Gallery Nagai / Ginza Jansem Gallery/Gallery-
Eizendo / Galerie Nichido)

[Optional Menu] SPRING GINZA Night ★ Why don't you visit bars in Ginza, the town for adults?

Five kinds of cocktails will be offered at 1,500 yen each (tax and cover charge not included) at the 11 participating stores only on Friday, May 25. Bartender at each bar will welcome guests with superb hospitality and the best cocktails.
If you would like to go, please look at the information on the website of "GINZA ART NIGHT"

Organized by: Ginza Galleries / the Agency for Cultural Affairs / Tokyo Art & Live City Concept Executive Committee /Public interest incorporated association Japan Council of Performers

Sponsored by: All Ginza Association of Events Board / Supported by: GSK (Ginza Shako Ryoin Kyokai)
Contact: Ginza Galleries & Evening at the Galleries & Office / Saitō
E-mail = info@ginza-galleries.com