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Background of the consideration of TOKYO ART & LIVE CITY Concept

2016.10 Geidankyo set up a panel of experts for "Hibiya, Ginza and Tsukiji entertainment zone plan" as a project of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Started discussion with participation from Shochiku, Toho, and Japan Association of Music Enterprises, the Federation of Music Producers Japan, the Association of Japanese Theatre Companies, Ginza Galleries, Pia Research Institute, Long Run Planning Co. The Agency for Cultural Affairs and Japan Tourism Agency participated as an observer.
2017.03 Accumulation of various cultural and artistic resources in Hibiya, Ginza and Tsukiji is precious in the world. We, as "proposal for the TOKYO ART & LIVE CITY Concept", propose sharing this resource with the world and all over Japan aiming to revitalizing art, live performance, and the town.
2017.04 Art related organizations in the region that joined the discussion, initiated discussion of the concept and how to realize the cooperation. Required theaters, galleries, regional organizations, and governments to attend the preparatory meeting for consideration.
2017.07 "TOKYO ART & LIVE CITY Concept" the 1 st preparatory meeting :The meeting was held following the expression of commitment to participation by theaters, galleries, and regional organization in this area, business operators who agree with the concept, the Agency for Cultural Affairs and Japan Tourism Agency, the Tokyo metropolitan government, Chuo City and Chiyoda City, Tokyo. Opinions about the concept were exchanged, and setting up of preparation projects by volunteers was decided.
2017.07 The 1st preparatory project : Problems in selling admission tickets for overseas customers over the Internet, etc. were considered.
2017.08 THe 2nd preparatory project : Business development toward 2020 and the establishment of the executive committee were considered.
2017.10 "TOKYO ART & LIVE CITY Concept" the 2nd preparatory meeting: Consideration was given to the business plan until 2022, fund raising and Executive Committee.
2017.12 The 3rd preparatory project : Vision for the plan, business and fund-raise for the fiscal 2018, the terms of the "Tokyo Art & Live City Concept" Executive Committee were considered.
2017.12 Explain the plan at the Japan Tourism Agency "Conference for enhancing tourism resource to realize "enjoyable country Japan".
2018.01 "TOKYO ART & LIVE CITY Concept" the 3rd preparatory meeting, "TOKYO ART & LIVE CITY Concept" Executive Committee inaugural meeting were held.